Our Mission

At Orbis One we want to help mitigate climate change by raising environmental awareness and developing new engineering solutions for communities around the world.

Our Project

Is to build an electric plane capable of flying around the world, and emphasize environmental solutions at the communities we visit.

Climate awareness

A large number of people don't know there is a scientific consensus on global warming, and that it is caused by humans. We want to change that.


97% of climate scientists agree climate change is real and likely caused by humans. We are already beginning to feel its effects. It's our responsibility to help mitigate it.

Open Source

We want our discoveries to be available to everyone. Anyone can see and use our designs for personal or commercial use.


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"Climate change is no longer some far off problem; it's happening here, it's happening now."

-Barack Obama-

For the Future

We are all in the same boat. So only by working together can we solve this problem. We are a small foundation just getting started, yet we have a drive to make a big difference. Make a difference with us for this and future generations to come.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions.